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"After Dark Productions" - An Indianapolis, Ind.-based Industrial, Goth, EBM and Synth-pop DJ / Promoter, mister-e-dj, has helped intensify the Midwest scene since he first spun at raves in 1993. From behind the scenes, he has booked regional shows for everyone from Razed in Black to Haujobb, garnering support even from Dancing Ferret, which opened the opportunity for him to perform at a Dracula’s Ball in Philadelphia, Penn., early in 2006.

One of the original Circle City DJs, mister-e began in 1998 working with DJs Spectre, Copper Top and Alyda Stoica as B.O.G. Productions. The group started one of the first gothic-industrial club nights in Indianapolis at the Melody Inn, then moving to Fusion as Darwin’s Theory.  At this time, mister-e formed a new venture with Dj WickedGoth, formerly of Washington D.C., and the duo preformed as Midwest Afterdark Productions. Midwest Afterdark Productions continued to provide the scene with a unique sound through 2004, when Dj WickedGoth retired to focus on raising a family. After this, mister-e began Strange Days at The Vault, which later became Freak Show. Promoting all-ages events at the Emerson Theater and the Purple Underground made it easy for younger dark music fans to socialize until Indianapolis’ liquor laws made this more difficult.  Now back mister-e-dj "After Dark Productions " works along side  Dj WickedGoth "Afterdark Resurrection" to co-dj and c0-promote some events. 

Taking pride in being a performer, rather than a manual CD changer like some sports bar DJs, his talent produces beat matches, crossfades, and synth samples that make his tracks hot. Touring as a DJ at the former 1470’s West in Dayton, Ohio, the Main St. Lounge in Louisville, Ky., and Berlin Nightclub in Chicago, Ill., has influenced his style, as have his other musical performance ventures.

When away from the scene, mister-e collects the newest industrial compilations that keep his sound fresh.  He spins everything from VNV Nation to Combichrist, and produces an aggressive sound, perfect to dance to.

A true professional, mister-e has a passion for promoting talented underground artists, and will continue working with Afterdark Resurrection, in an effort to promote the overall nightclub atmosphere for industrial music fans. 

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