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DjWickedGoth started his musical career in Washington, DC in 1994. He began his career as a light and visual specialist for VJ Mohawk Adam at club TRAXX and The Capital Ballroom. WickedGoth found the DJ side more attractive and began to learn. After several years in the Washington D.C. scene, WickedGoth moved to Indianapolis, IN around 2000.

Some time around 2000-2001 a partnership formed between mister-e-dj, a resident DJ of the Indianapolis Goth/Industrial scene, and WickedGoth.  Midwest Afterdark Productions had already been started by mister-e-dj, and WickedGoth quickly  jumped on board.  Their partnership was a unique blend of Goth, Industrial, and EBM sound, which soon became influential in the Midwest scene. Soon after, Midwest Afterdark Productions became a respected venture in Indiana and Dayton, Ohio's 1470's club.

WickedGoth’s "Whore the Floor" dance motto resonated with crowds at multiple venues as Midwest Afterdark Productions booked live shows throughout the region.

In 2003 WickedGoth married Lady WickedGoth. The reception that brought together beloved bands and friends would be one of his last appearances in the underground scene, as WickedGoth would retire in 2005 to focus on raising a family. 

In 2011 with children older, the WickedGoths would kindle the embers burning within and WickedGoth began his come back at Club Vex in Dayton, Ohio as a guest dj with resident DJ Chris Favorite (formerly a resident at 1470's). 

While that was satisfying, something was still missing...

In 2016 mister-e-dj (After Dark Productions),  and WickedGoth reconnected after nearly 9 years of silence.  In 2017 the timing was right and the WickedGoths decide to promote once more, and Afterdark Resurrection was formed.  

~ DjWickedGoth

"The New Age Relic"